PET Plastic Strap

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PET Plastic Strap
AL MONTAR offer the most ecological and economical strapping method at present
for securing your cargo reliably. AL MONTAR already recognized the enormous
advantages of PET straps over steel straps at a very early stage. PET strap embossed
and smooth surfaces both are available.

AL MONTAR is supplying PET strap for manual, automatic and fully automatic
high speed machines; vertical and horizontal types tested and approved. Width range
from 9 mm to 16 mm. standard color is green, other colors can be produced upon

PET Strap is widely used in many industries and main advantages are:
– High holding power
– High elongation of 11 – 22 %
– Tensile strength up to 550 N/mm2
– Stable at storage temperatures
from 50°C to +70°C
– Best results when applied at temperature
from +3°C/ +40°C
– Insensitive to ultraviolet radiation and
– Shock absorbent
– Economical