Pneumatic hand tool CP 500



Pneumatic strapping tool for heavy loads


Anywhere, where heavy packages make high tension necessary and where strap- ping is to be carried out in different areas, the CP 500 is the optimal choice. The pneumatic high-performance hand-tool is relatively light and easy to operate.


Features DATA
Accessories            Universal hanger for easier process

Steel plate as protection of the base area


Strap width


12 – 25 mm

Characteristics       Pneumatic strapping hand tool Strap thickness 0.7 – 1.4 mm
Adjustable to various strap widths Tension: up to 5,000 N
Tensionless seal possible Weight: 5,6 kg
Easy handling Dimensions: 300 x 155 x 200 mm
Very strong seal Seal Friction seal
Maintenance-friendly Air pressure: 6 bar



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